Our Leadership

Andre Nogueira

President and CEO, JBS USA

Al Almanza

Global Head of Food Safety and Quality Assurance

Al Byers

President, JBS USA Regional Beef

David Colwell

President, JBS Food Canada

Martin Dooley

President and COO, JBS USA Pork

Brent Eastwood

President, JBS Australia

Rodrigo Horvath

President, JBS Carriers

Chris Kirke

President, Pilgrim’s Moy Park

Lance Kotschwar

Head of Ethics and Compliance, JBS USA

Kristina Lambert

Head of JBS USA Consumer Value Added

Tom Lopez

President, Plumrose USA

Sam McConnell

COO, JBS Australia Southern

Denilson Molina


Jayson Penn

President and CEO, Pilgrim’s Global

Brian Piedmonte

President, JBS USA Retail Ready

Anthony Pratt

COO, JBS Australia Northern

Bruce Sabatta

COO, Primo Foods

Tim Schellpeper

President, JBS USA Fed Beef

Charles von der Heyde

President, Pilgrim’s Mexico

The JBS USA executive team is responsible for the company’s operations. This includes implementation of the strategic, financial and management policies, as well as preparation of financial statements and other reports.

Corporate Governance and Compliance

Implicit in our corporate philosophy is the importance of sound corporate governance. We have an independent JBS USA Advisory Board to support the company’s executive leadership on matters related to corporate governance, government and regulatory affairs, commodity risk management and marketing. Our JBS USA Advisory Board is made up of independent members, ensuring that credible, expert voices of objectivity help guide the direction of our business. The board meets quarterly, in addition to providing ongoing counsel to the JBS USA CEO and executive leadership team.

In 2018, the JBS USA Advisory Board approved a new Code of Conduct & Ethics and a Compliance Plan, both of which are administered and overseen by a new Ethics and Compliance Group (ECG). The Head of Ethics and Compliance has a dual reporting structure to the Independent Advisory Board and the CEO for JBS USA and to the Board of Directors and the CFO for Pilgrim’s. Additionally in 2018, JBS USA and Pilgrim’s combined, revised and expanded their team member reporting systems into the “Ethics Line,” which is administered by the ECG and now accessible – both online and via a telephone line – to all JBS USA team members across the globe.

The ECG is also responsible for developing, administering and training on the policies and procedures ancillary to the new Code of Conduct & Ethics, including anti-bribery/anti-corruption, anti-trust/competition, international trade and sanctions, conflicts of interest and gifts. In 2018, all JBS USA team members received training on the new Code of Conduct & Ethics. Additionally, all relevant JBS USA team members received in-person training on anti-bribery/anti-corruption policy, including the anti-bribery laws of the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the U.K., Australia and New Zealand.

JBS USA Independent Advisory Board

John Boehner

Former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives

Greg Heckman

Former President and CEO, The Gavilon Group

Dimitri Panayotopoulos

Former Vice Chairman, Procter & Gamble

Harvey Pitt

Former Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

Pilgrim’s Board of Directors

  • Gilberto Tomazoni – Chairman of the Board of Directors, Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation and Global CEO, JBS S.A.
  • Andre Nogueira  President and CEO, JBS USA
  • Denilson Molina – Chief Financial Officer, JBS USA
  • Wallim Cruz de Vasconcellos Junior* – Former Partner of Iposeira Partners, Ltd.
  • Vincent Trius – JBS Global Head of Innovation
  • Farha Aslam – Former Managing Director, Stephens Inc.
  • Michael L. Cooper* – Executive Vice President, Managing Partner, Chief Financial Officer and Director, Kincannon & Reed
  • Charles Macaluso* – Principal, Dorchester Capital, LLC
  • Arquimedes A. Celis* – Former CEO of Grupo Lala and Former CEO of Bachoco

*Independent Board Member

JBS Australia Board of Directors

  • Brent Eastwood – Chief Executive Officer, JBS Australia
  • Edison Alvares – Chief Financial Officer and Secretary, JBS Australia
  • Anthony Pratt – Chief Operating Officer, JBS Australia Northern
  • Sam McConnell – Chief Operating Officer, JBS Australia Southern
  • Bruce Sabatta – Chief Operating Officer, Primo Foods
  • John Berry – Head of Corporate and Regulatory Affairs, JBS Australia