Building a Diverse and Dedicated Workforce

We consider the diversity of our workforce a strength for our business and our culture, and we work diligently to leverage diversity across our company, both in our facilities and in our corporate offices.

We will continue to focus on sharing best practices while providing flexibility to each of our facilities so that on-site teams can implement specific diversity and inclusion plans that support our diverse workforce and the communities in which they live and work.

We will also continue our people efforts (described in our Developing Leaders section), focusing on increasing retention rates at both the facility and corporate levels through the numerous leadership and training programs that we have in place. We know that our team members are key to our company’s success, and we will continuously strive to offer an attractive work environment that meets their needs and expectations for a fulfilling, successful career with JBS USA.

Health and Safety

In 2019, we will continue to implement the safety plans described herein as well as more focused specific audit initiatives, to reduce work-site hazards. We will establish more leading—or preventive—KPIs, to further create a culture where unsafe acts and incidents are prevented before they occur. Furthermore, we will continue to innovate through the use of robotics, BladeStop and other leading technology to prevent workplace accidents.

Finally, we will continue to stay focused on our 2020 target of reducing Severe Incidents by 10 percent year over year.

Developing Leaders

It takes the contributions and strength of each individual to establish a strong team. By maintaining and expanding our many leadership education and development efforts, we will continue to help our team members be successful in their own careers, as well as improve our collaborative teams and ultimately our company. We will continue to invest in our people because they represent the true growth engine for our company and the reason for our success. As a result of their efforts, JBS USA continues to raise the bar of excellence for our company and our industry.