JBS Global Food Innovation Center

In March 2017, JBS USA entered into a strategic, long-term partnership with Colorado State University (CSU) that included a $12.5 million investment toward construction of the JBS Global Food and Innovation Center In Honor of Gary & Kay Smith, as well as educational programming for JBS USA and Pilgrim’s team members. On April 9, 2019, the $20 million state-of-the-art facility opened on the CSU campus.  

“Our mission at JBS USA is to be the best, and the mission of this facility is to advance best practices in food safety, meat sciences and animal handling and welfare. So it’s a natural partnership for us and one that we’re proud to be a part of.”

Andre Nogueira
President and CEO, JBS USA

For JBS USA, the partnership with CSU serves as a long-term investment in the competitiveness of food and farming in the state of Colorado, across the United States and around the world. The JBS Global Food Innovation Center enables CSU to expand as a source of innovation and discovery in the food industry and prepare future leaders to take on the challenges of tomorrow. The 36,000-square-foot center will be a hub for cutting-edge global innovations in new product development, culinary research, food science, food safety, and animal welfare.

“We take a global view of our education and research, and we were looking for new ways to spur innovation in livestock and meat science, food safety, food security and animal welfare. JBS USA provides that necessary partnership – our goals and values align well with theirs – and we’re very grateful for their support. Our goal for this facility is not only to support teaching and research – it has to impact the industry and advance the way meat processing is done around the world.”

Ajay Menon
Dean of the CSU College of Agricultural Sciences

The JBS USA mission is to be the best and create the opportunity for a better future for all of its team members. Partnering in this facility enables the company to extend that mission to CSU students as well.

For years, students enrolled in the program at CSU have had to travel to labs and/or plants off-site in order to experience the process first hand. Now, it’s all under one roof on campus, in this innovative facility that will serve students well into the future.

The multidisciplinary nature of the program at CSU involves expertise in all aspects of the production, food, and consumer continuum, including:

  • Animal handling and well-being
  • Nutrition and health
  • Food safety and security
  • Value-added and culinary development
  • International collaboration

Located within 60 miles of every sector of the livestock and meatpacking industries, the food innovation center is designed for global impact. It provides a world-class facility for research, education, innovation and industry partnerships.

“JBS USA is, more than anything, a people business. So we really see this as an investment in people – the people who will learn here for generations to come.”

Andre Nogueira
President and CEO, JBS USA

Texas A&M Department of Poultry Science Feed Mill, Industry Education and Outreach Support Fund

In 2017, Pilgrim’s gifted $1 million to the Texas A&M Department of Poultry Science to establish the Department of Poultry Science Feed Mill, Industry Education, and Outreach Support fund. This support fund will allow the Department to modernize its feed mill with commercial industry-relevant equipment, increasing the feed manufacturing capacity by nearly tenfold. The $1 million gift from Pilgrim’s is the most significant in size and scope in the Department’s nearly 100-year history and will enable improvements in faculty-led research programs, educational opportunities for students, and outreach programs with the commercial poultry industry. 

JBS Canada Centre

In 2017, JBS Food Canada partnered with the City of Brooks to renovate the local community center into the JBS Canada Centre.

Reopened in May 2017, the renovated and expanded JBS Canada Centre provides members of the Brooks community with a wide range of recreational and educational activities. Through the support of a $1 million commitment from JBS Food Canada, the project included the addition of a multipurpose field house, soccer center and childcare center and the expansion of both the fitness center and curling facilities.

Perhaps the most significant impact on the community, however, came from doubling the size of the library. Due to the Brooks population’s high percentage of multicultural and new Canadians trying to learn more about their surroundings, the large state-of-the-art library serves as a great resource for them to both become more familiar with their new home and join the community.

The JBS Canada Centre demonstrates our long-term commitment to Brooks and is yet another example of how JBS USA works hard every day to create a sustainable business that benefits our team members and the communities in which we live and work.

JBS Canada Centre

Wanek Center

In 2019, the Pilgrim’s production facility in Arcadia, WI, donated $100,000 to the Arcadia Education Foundation in support of the Wanek Center, a new community recreation and event center located on the campus of the Arcadia School District. The Pilgrim’s donation will fund the primary community room and studio on the first floor of the facility.

“We are humbled to participate in a project that allows us to invest in the future of Arcadia for generations to come. This community has shown incredible support to our plant and live operations, our team members and our growers, and we’re grateful for this opportunity to show our commitment in return.”

Jayson Penn
President and CEO, Pilgrim’s Global

The Arcadia complex joined the Pilgrim’s business in 2017. Since then, Pilgrim’s has invested more than $1 million in the facility, which includes construction of a new chiller and two loading docks to make the facility even more competitive. Pilgrim’s also built a number of chicken barns in the area, allowing for partnerships with additional local grower partners.

The 71,500-square-foot Wanek Center will be used for wellness and recreational activities and will include a community gym, arena, indoor run/walk track, fitness center, exercise studio, community meeting room, adult and youth activity spaces and the Arcadia Public Library.