Animal health and welfare will continue to be a major focus of JBS USA moving forward. To achieve our goal of a 90 percent or better on our Animal Health and Welfare Scorecard, we will have to continue to innovate, invest and focus on animal welfare in our facilities.

In partnership with our producer partners, we will verify compliance with BQA by conducting third-party audits according to the BQA Feedyard Assessment or more stringent standards.

In 2019, we will upgrade the cattle pens at our Grand Island facility, increasing holding capacity and optimizing pen design to improve cattle welfare during off-loading and handling and we will pilot test Arrowsight® remote video monitoring and audits in one of our Pilgrim’s U.S. complexes for live operations, bird catching, handling and loading.

We will continue our engagement in precompetitive industry associations where we can participate in efforts to advance the health and well-being of the animals under our care. Sharing best practices with and learning from our industry peers will drive improvements and increase opportunities for improved animal welfare performance. Finally, we will continue to conduct and engage in research to advance our animal husbandry and management techniques to improve the welfare of our animals.